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Unveiling the Kingdom - eBook

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"Few if any of the teachings of Jesus are more central to his mission than the Kingdom of Heaven.  Yet few if any of his teachings are less understood or emphasized.  In his work Unveiling the Kingdom, Dwight Pryor has taken a significant step in better understanding this most Jewish of Jesus' teachings.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to better understand the nature of the Kingdom Jesus proclaimed and who desires to more passionately experience the reign of God in their own lives. This is a transformational work. I use it and recommend it constantly. It even resonates with my Jewish friends!" Ray Vander Laan

This is the eBook to the inspiring and informative video series, Unveiling the Kingdom of Heaven. Dwight draws upon more than twenty years of research with Jewish and Christian scholars in Israel to unveil for you the Jewish backgrounds and dynamic spiritual dimensions of the inbreaking Kingdom of Heaven.

These insights will help you to put into practice the Master's priority: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 6:33).

The twelve chapters in this eBook study-guide correspond with the video lectures...

  • Kingdom Concept, Kingdom Confusion
  • Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God?
  • The Sages' View of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • A Kingdom Is At Hand!
  • The Kingdom & the Coming of the Son of Man
  • John the Baptist's Kingdom Expectations
  • Competing Views of the Kingdom
  • The Kingdom & the Coming Apocalypse
  • The Kingdom as a Person, a Power, a People
  • Principles of Kingdom Living (Part 1)
  • Principles of Kingdom Living (Part 2)
  • The Unveiling of the Kingdom

Click here for the video-on-demand edition of Unveiling the Kingdom.

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Author: Dwight A. Pryor


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