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The Book of Romans (MP3 Edition)


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Join respected Bible teacher Dwight A. Pryor, recorded live on location at a Haverim School of Discipleship, in an in-depth study of Paul, his Hebraic thought and his letter to the congregation of Jews and Greeks at Rome. This masterpiece of the Apostle Paul has been monumentally influential in the history of Christendom. Its importance cannot be overstated, nor the impact of its faulty interpreters underestimated. The book of Romans is the focus, and the approach is systematic, sequential and comprehensive, working from beginning to end through this crucial New Testament epistle.

“For the first time in my nearly 40 years of ministry, I feel like I am reading Romans through Paul’s eyes instead of mine. I have taught through the book six times, and each time I treated chapters 9, 10 & 11 as if they were parentheses in Paul’s argument. I am ashamed to say that I have never seen the importance of Israel and the Torah in Paul’s thought, nor have I wept over and prayed for the Jewish people with Paul’s passion.”   - A Pastor who attended the discipleship school

Your curriculum includes twenty audio teachings in downloadable MP3 files and a pdf of notes designed by Dwight for students in the class.

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01 - Introduction to Romans and Paul (part one)
02 - Introduction to Romans and Paul (part two)
03 - Essential Background
04 - Critical Interpretive Issues
05 - The Righteousness of God Revealed
06 - God's Saving Power
07 - Torah and Sin
08 - The Faith-fullness of God
09 - The Righteous Deeds of God
10 - Gods Faithfulness Incarnate
11 - Torah of Works, Torah of Faith
12 - Who Are the Covenant People?
13 - Kingdom Language
14 - Where Does Torah Fit In?
15 - Torah: Valuable and Vindicated
16 - Approaching the Apex
17 - Israels Unbelief and God's Faithfulness
18 - Covenant Renewal in Messiah
19 - Two Religions, One Faith
20 - Reviewing the Letter
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The Book of Romans

This letter is not "a theological treatise on how to get saved"..... It is all about God!" There is so much more to it and Dwight really brings it out. It will transform the way you think about phrases such as "The Righteousness of God", "works of the law", "The Obedience of Faith", "Faith-faithfulness", Salvation, Redemption, Sin, Law (Torah), "justification by faith", atonement and many more. Almost all the major protestant themes are delved in to and enhanced (sometime re-defined) as Dwight enlightens and explains Paul's Hebraic understanding behind his letter. Be prepared to have your world-view rocked.
Posted by David, Jun 11th 2021