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Our Hebrew Lord


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Begin your studies with this groundbreaking series focusing on Jesus in His Jewish World of the first century. Our Hebrew Lord is a cornerstone teaching series that will give believers a solid foundation on which to build their faith -- An essential study for every disciple of Jesus.

Six downloadable teachings in this series:

  1. Who Was Jesus?
  2. A Hebrew Speaking Lord
  3. The Jewish Jesus
  4. Jewish Culture & Education
  5. You Shall Call His Name Yeshua
  6. What's In a Name?
  7. Touching the Hem of His Garment
  8. Did Jesus Claim to be the Messiah?
  9. The Rabbi Jesus
  10. Jesus' Teaching Techniques
  11. God's Kingdom - Here or After?
  12. Kingdom Power & Authority

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Your purchase helps us share the Hebraic nature of the Gospel with Christians. Thank you and enjoy!

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Our Hebrew Lord

Fantastic!!! Very loaded with information from reliable top world experts. The research has been done and the facts are presented, much of which brings light and revelation to portions of the Gospel accounts, as only understood from the Hebrew world in which they occurred and were written. Most importantly, Jesus is further revealed. Five stars.
Posted by Deborah, Aug 15th 2019

Our Hebrew Lord CDs.

If one is researching digital or written resources for an introduction, even an in-depth understanding of our "Hebrew" Lord, matters of interpretation, etc., this is the place to begin. I doubt if you'll find better.
Posted by Roger Storm, Ph.D., Aug 31st 2017

Unknown facts about Jesus and His world

This is a series you will want to listen to more than once (I did!); it shares little-known facts about Jesus and His world. He shares some Jewish roots of the Christian faith, but in a Biblical way. Contrary to the scholarly consensus, the author asserts that Jesus and the Apostles used Hebrew (rather than Aramaic) as their primary language. You do not have to agree with everything the author says to enjoy his teaching and learn a bunch.
Posted by undefined, Sep 6th 2016

Great starting point

Great starting point in understand Jesus. Dwight was our families beginning point in rediscovering what we already knew about Jesus. But his teaching gave what we already knew and gave it more life, more depth, made it more meaningful. I remember getting his teachings on cassette, now the mp3 format is so easy to reconnect with.
Posted by R Bryan Chandler, Aug 14th 2016