Dwight A. Pryor

Jesus, Christians & the Law


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This helpful series focuses on the nature, value and relevance of the Torah (Law) for Christians today. Is Jesus the "end" of the Law? Is the Law still applicable to believers in Jesus, and if so, how? Dwight carefully addresses these controversial issues and clarifies other often-asked questions regarding the Christian attitude toward the Law and our obligations toward it under the new covenant.

Two teachings in this series:

  1. Under Law? Under Grace?
  2. Is Jesus the End of the Law?

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Jesus, Christians and the Law

This was the first Dwight teaching tape (yes, it was a cassette nearly twenty years ago!) I heard. I listened again and again. As Dwight himself describes, I experienced a flip-flop as my mind was transformed. Nearly thirty years of traditional evangelical teaching, putting law in opposition to the grace of the Gospel, was getting a real 'going over'. But it started me on a journey of seeing a new perspective on the whole of scripture. The teaching doesn't answer all the questions I had but, like all good teaching, it gave me a new and better set of questions to which others contributed the answers. Including Dwight himself, as I set about listening to more of his teaching.
Posted by Trevor Griffiths, May 4th 2019