Dwight A. Pryor

A Conversation About the Radical Church


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If a congregation today were to model itself after the radical (root) church of the New Testament, what would it look like? How would it differ from traditional churches, and what emphases and organizing patterns would characterize it as Hebraic? Dwight discusses these important questions and provides guidelines to make our churches more productive and authentically biblical.

Two downloadable teachings in this series:

  1. A Conversation About the Radical Church - Part 1
  2. A Conversation About the Radical Church - Part 2

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Church - a guide to asking the right questions.

If you are looking for a fresh view uncluttered by centuries of tradition or are looking to break free of the western mold of individualism and look at how church can function as a community, then this is a good place to start. As with many of the teachings Dwight has shared, he always manages to provide a fresh and much wider (multidimensional) perspective on familiar biblical narratives. Coupled with his teaching "On This Rock ", you will see church in a new light and hopefully be inspired to change the way you do it!
Posted by David, Jan 17th 2016