Dwight A. Pryor

A Continuing Quest - eBook

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This collection of fifty-two essays (220 pages) – originally published in the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition – captures the distilled Biblical insight and spiritual wisdom of Dwight A. Pryor. Not only will you want this eBook as a part of your library, it makes a significant gift for friends and family.

"Those many people who knew Dwight Pryor personally – and I am grateful to be one of those – realize his legacy is extensive. Thus, it can only be partially captured in this small book. Dwight's life was a sermon or 'living epistle.' ... As the essays in this book reveal, Dwight was a balanced scholar-teacher. He had little use for the blowing winds and shifting sands of the latest doctrines. Dwight wanted his students to be grounded and rooted in texts, in the historical and biblical sources undergirding their beliefs.

A person of reason and clear thinking, he wanted others to use their minds, to pursue holiness of living through understand the 'Holy One of Israel' and thus to take their faith to a deeper level. As his writings indicates, Dwight was not content with mere warm and emotional stirrings within the heart. He had a passion for truth rooted in the fabric of text."

- from the forward by Dr. Marvin R. Wilson, author of bestseller "Our Father Abraham"

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Author: Dwight A. Pryor


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Wise and Powerful Overview

I do not know of comparable material that deals with the key (introductory) topics of our hebraic roots in such fundamental, inspring and balanced way as this book of Dwight Pryor. I have shared it with many of my contacts. I would love to have it translated into Dutch.
Posted by Joan Ronner, May 12th 2016