Walk After Me - Study in Discipleship (Bundle: MP3 & Transcript)


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BUNDLE: MP3's + Transcript!

Salvation is a gift... Discipleship is a process. Too many of our churches today are filled with 'undiscipled disciples.' They are attended by people who have received the gift of eternal life through faith in God's son and His atoning sacrifice on their behalf (and thank God for that!) but they fail to walk after Jesus, to follow Him, becoming His disciples and increasingly being conformed to His image. Ultimately, truth is a Person, and saving/liberating knowledge comes through an intimate relationship with Him. That is why Jesus earnestly pursued the 'great commission' of His day: "Raise up many disciples," and invited others to "Walk After Me!"

Five downloadable teachings, plus full transcript in this series:

  1. Calling Jesus "Lord"
  2. Jesus' Call To Discipleship
  3. Jesus' Call To Faithfulness
  4. Jesus' Call To Humility & Servanthood
  5. Jesus' Call To Wholeness

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Walk After Me

An outstanding study for those of us who want to be authentic disciples
Posted by Michael Brookes, Jun 7th 2019

Walk After Me

A study for every believer, it's changed my life forever as I leaned into the whisper of Holy Spirit
Posted by Michael Brookes, May 22nd 2019