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The Mega Commandment


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We are commanded by Jesus to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength… and love your neighbor as yourself.” What did this mean to Jesus? Do we really know how to love? How can we love God in the way He has instructed? What does it mean that the second commandment is like the first? Dwight shows the Rabbinic method in which Jesus joins together these two seemingly different commandments in a way that challenges us today.

Two downloadable teachings in this series:

  1. You Shall Love the Lord
  2. You Shall Love Your Neighbor

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The Mega Commandment

I brought this 2 part teaching series because Dwight referenced it in his teaching seminar on The Torah. I was interested to learn more about how Jesus linked and joined the commandment in Deut 6:5 (Love the Lord your God....) with Lev 19:18 (Love your neighbor as yourself). Dwight explained very well how many times those two phrases are linked in the New Testament, first by Jesus, but also Paul and John. Perhaps the biggest take-away is that we fulfill Deut 6:5 by fulfilling Lev 19:18. A second take-away came when I pondered over Mat 5:43 after Dwight pointed out where that actual phrase arose from - the Essenes. It wasn't so much that struck me, but the phrase "love your enemies" in relation to 'Love your neighbors". If we are to love God fully with all of our hearts, then we are not just to love our neighbors as ourselves (and all that entails), but also those we regard as our enemies. And that is a powerful, deep and tough thing to do without his help - if we are to be like our Father in heaven...... I don't think we realize the depth of this phrase. IF you let it, this series will help us think very deeply about what it means to be a lover of God with all of our hearts, souls and minds.
Posted by David Boucher, Jun 11th 2021

Real Love

I am always blown away with Dwight's teaching from a Hebraic point of view and what it means to Jesus which is central. Takes me to a whole new level. I have a lot to chew on and incorporate into my behavior.
Posted by undefined, Jun 4th 2016