Dwight A. Pryor

Sexuality, The Torah, and Grace: A Biblical & Balanced Response


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Historically Judaism has preserved a healthy and wholesome view of God-created-and-proscribed sexuality; as that which is holy and honourable. One that can enlighten the Church and guide Christians in a balanced response to contemporary issues. In this incisive series you will discover how the Bible and Judaism created a veritable sexual revolution in the midst of paganism. See how biblical texts are being "reinterpreted" today to limit their applicability and relevance. And hear Dwight tackle the difficult questions being asked in our culture today and how we are to maintain a true biblical attitude toward those adopting alternative lifestyles.

Three downloadable teachings in this series:

  1. Judaism and Sexuality in the Ancient World
  2. Interpreting & Reinterpreting the Biblical Texts
  3. Sexuality, Society & the Church

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