Abounding Emptiness, Abundant Living (Bundle: MP3's & Transcript)


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Bundle: MP3's with Audio Transcripts

The book of Ecclesiastes (Koheleth) answers the questions: Where is the gain or profit in life? Is all vanity? Koheleth's caustic critique of the meaninglessness of worldly existence is balanced by a spiritual wisdom that challenges us to engage in and to enjoy life fully. This is a meaty study for mature believers.

Three downloadable teachings & transcript in this series:

  1. Koheleth's Warning: Meaningless, Meaningless, All is Meaningless
  2. Koheleth's Wisdom: Fear God and Keep His Commandments
  3. Koheleth's Way: Enjoying the Good Things of Life as God's Gifts

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A spring of water in the desert

Wow!!! It's the best joy giving teaching I've ever hear from the book of Ecclesiastes. It's one of those teachings where once you hear it you look back at this Bible book you'd say: It's so obvious now! I can't believer it didn't figure it out on my own. That's why we need each other. I've been "wrestling" lately with this paradox that God gave us: to be fully involved and influence this broken world and live in it fully with joy despite what we see with our eyes yet not to become subject to this world sinking into it and it's despair and passively waiting to get out of here to heaven. This paradoxical task is nothing short of walking on water daily!! How do you do it? Ecclesiastes has the answer!! Now this treasure belongs to be and my children to do. I'm so happy!!!
Posted by Anna Barnett, Sep 30th 2019