Claire R. Pfann

Who Is My Brother? Vital Lessons from the Acts of the Apostles


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In this groundbreaking seminar, Claire offers a fresh perspective on reading the Book of Acts through the eyes of Luke.

These lectures explore the dramatic expansion of the church from the original Jewish followers of Jesus in Jerusalem to the Gentile world as recounted in the Book of Acts. This unexpected growth necessitated a meeting in Jerusalem of the first apostles and elders at the Apostolic Council (Acts 15). There they made a radical and powerful decision to “redefine” the family of Abraham.

Luke alone of the New Testament writers reflects this major transition through his sensitive use of kinship terminology, specifically the term “brother.” Luke’s precise use of this term parallels the geographic and theological movement of the followers of Jesus from their initial, sole focus on their Jewish brethren to a growing recognition of God’s greater purposes for all humanity in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and Savior of the World. Author's study notes are included.

“Who Is My Brother?” Vital Lessons from the Acts of the Apostles

  1. Redefining the Family of Abraham
  2. Peter, the Brethren, and the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot)
  3. The Apostolic Council in Acts 15: Wisdom to Guide the Church

Author: Claire Pfann, University of the Holy Land

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Who is my Brother (Claire Pfann)

Fantastic teaching... one of the better from JC Studies in the past several years. Though I read the Bible in its entirety each year, and though I have a solid knowledge of the Jewish roots of the faith, her insights based on carefully study over decades were very interesting... even exciting and new. Thank you for making this teaching available. I look forward to learning more from Dr. Pfann in the future.
Posted by Dan Tripps, Jan 1st 2017

Claire Pfann

Claire Pfann's teaching makes the apostles and their contemporaries come alive. Their real challenges of how to relate to others is the key to understanding the early church - and all who went before. This teaching deepened my whole understanding of both the Old and New Testaments as well as the opposition to Christ - and reveal how very radical were His teachings. Can't recommend Claire's teachings high enough - and hope there will be more.
Posted by Wendy Wright, Oct 21st 2016

Wonderful Study

It's always so easy and a joy to listen to Ms. Pfann's clear and cheerful voice as she unfolds the Word of God in her plain melodic words. I'd like to hear her teach on the entire Bible in her logical and precise perspective! This series shows the magnitude of the small component of the word "brethren" and how it becomes a huge key to the door for gentile believers. Ms. Pfann artfully builds her revelation in this three part series that quietly explodes it's meaning in the exciting third part. A good reference to have in your Torah study library that is inviting to revisit.
Posted by Marnie, Aug 11th 2016

Very clear teaching

Claire has a great delivery making these talks a pleasure to listen to. She vividly brings to life the true Jewish character of the first believers in Yeshua and has a fascinating point about who is whose brother that forms the backbone of her talks. If you have not heard any teaching about the first believers in Acts, and the issues faced by them when Gentiles wanted to join in, this talk is a must listen.
Posted by Trevor Griffiths, Aug 7th 2016

Do You Know Who Your Brother Is?

Claire has a unique ability to help us understand the issues the early church faced are not so different than than the ones we face today. Knowledge of how the early church operated will help us go forward with better community and less division in the church. I have sat under several of her teachings and she consistently delivers biblical truth along with the understanding.
Posted by Eileen Sullivan, May 12th 2016

I'll never read the book of acts the same way again!

I was at this lecture series and was blown away by Claire's humility and teaching gift. The way she follows Luke's craftsmanship to better understand the critical Acts 15 passage is so good. This is the kind of instruction the church needs desperately. Thanks for making it available as a series.
Posted by Leon R. D. Jones, May 11th 2016