Ron Herms, Ph.D.

The Gospel & The Revelation

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"From first to last the vision given to St. John in exile was to bless and encourage believers (Revelation 1:3, 22:7). But would John recognize the way his book is understood in the Church today? In this remarkable seminar, Dr. Ron helps us hear these words of life in ways familiar to the original readers so that they stir and strengthen our faith like the author intended." ~ James Whitman

JC Studies is privileged to present gifted pastor and scholar, Ron Herms. He currently serves at Fresno Pacific University as Dean of the School of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences as well as an affiliated instructor at multiple universities. Ron holds a Ph.D. in Early Jewish & Christian Apocalyptic Literature from the University of Durham.

The Gospel & The Revelation includes four audio teaching sessions in MP3 format with a special set of notes in pdf, prepared by the author to enhance your learning experience.

  1. Early Jewish Apocalyptic and the Book of Revelation - An introduction to the influence of the Hebrew Bible (OT) and subsequent early Jewish traditions on the literary shape and symbolic language of Revelation.
  2. The Gospel in the Book of Revelation - A strategy for reconciling Jesus’ message of God’s peaceable Kingdom with John’s visions of the full consummation of God’s just rule.
  3. Conflict and Social Setting in the Book of Revelation - An evaluation of the tensions faced by Christians in Asia Minor with both political and religious opponents.
  4. An Unlikely King, An Unassuming Kingdom - A powerful sermon tying together and applying key themes from this remarkable seminar.
Author: Ron Herms, Ph.D.
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Such a revelation

It gave a whole new outlook to the Book of Revelation. Still absorbing it all and will have to listen again. Reading Revelation and knowing the background of when it was written makes such sense. We do it with all the rest of scripture and yet somehow for Revelation we ignore this. Thank you for another wonderful teaching from J C Studies.
Posted by Diane, Jul 3rd 2015


It is an intriguing look at Revelation and I will want to listen a couple more times to take it in. But on first listen, it makes sense and challenges much prior and probably faulty thinking about how to use the book of Revelation.
Posted by Anne, Jul 2nd 2015

Excellent and Eye Opening

This lecture series has lifted the veil on a lot of the mystery surrounding Revelation for me. There is plenty of mystery left, but Dr Herms has made it so much more accessible by giving insight into the context, and how seamlessly Revelation connects with Daniel, the Psalms and other writings. I must confess that I had been hoping for more understanding of the later parts of the book, but the sense of the Glorious Gospel and the Victorious King given through these lectures has stayed with me and given me courage and confidence to press through with further study of Revelation. Most timely and inspiring.
Posted by Mary S, Jul 2nd 2015

A fresh view of Revelation.

Dr. Herms presented a perspective that is seldom taught concerning the Book of Revelation. This series looked at the text from the original 1st century audience and how they would have understood it. This approach brought out a message of hope and one that sparked a personal desire in me to dig deeper into a book that I rarely studied. I will use what Dr. Herms taught as a spring board for further study.
Posted by James Miller, Jun 30th 2015

Really Meaningful Study

This teaching is not at all what I expected. After years of doom and gloom prophecy, graphs, charts, and confusing portrayals of a violently vengeful Jesus, I had decidedly quit reading Revelation. Until I heard Dr. Ron's defense of the Gospel as portrayed in John's Apocalypse. My whole family went home Saturday after his talks and read it with new eyes. The discussion that followed was full of joy and wonder. Thank you for bringing him to Dayton!
Posted by "I was at the seminar in Dayton", Jun 30th 2015